About the Hammer Museum

The Hammer Museum invites visitors to explore the rich history of the hammer, the world's first tool. There are approximately 2,000 hammers on display at the museum at any given time, and over 7,000 items in the collection. We rotate our large collection throughout the year to provide an ever-changing experience.


What started as a private collection has grown into the public organization it is today. The Hammer Museum first opened as a privately owned museum in 2002, before becoming a non-profit organization in 2004. Since then, the board has regularly raised enough funds to support an internship program for the summer months. In 2015, the museum hired their first paid staff member, Ashleigh Reed, as the museum director. See the full history....


To preserve the history of the hammer.


John Hedrick, Executive Director

John is honored to be the director of the Hammer Museum. He grew up in his father's cabinet shop and has been fond of hammers for a long time. As a carpenter and homesteader here in Haines, Alaska, he carried the appreciation for man's first tool into adulthood. He accumulated many years of non-profit experience working across Alaska, while watching the Hammer Museum grow from a fledgling family endevour to the 501(c) 3 non-profit museum, it is today. John is thrilled to invite visitors to the museum and to help it grow and flourish.



Board of Directors

Gene Kennedy (President)

Behind the 10 to 4:30 plumber is a talented artist who leans towards steam punk, naturally. From welded full scale yard art to whimsical puppets, he breathes life into whatever material is at hand. Hammers are the perfect fit. Gene has proudly served on the board for many years and has contributed several hammer to our ever-growing collection.




Richard Buck (Vice President)







Richard Cook (Board Member) 






Michael Marks (Secretary)

Michael fell in love with the Hammer Museum on his first visit when he met the founder, Dave Pahl.  He is also a board member for the Eldred Rock Lighthouse Preservation Association, American Bald Eagle Foundation and the Foundation for the Chilkat Center for the Arts.  He has had a life long interest in the Arts and retired as the Cultural Arts Supervisor for the City of Santa Clarita in CA and moved to Haines in 1997.




Deborah Vogt (Board Member)





Chris Kelly (Board Member)







Vacant (Board Member)

The board of Hammer Museum, Inc. is actively recruiting for a new member to the group. If you are a full time resident of Haines and are interested in serving on the board of this dynamic nonprofit please write a letter of interest to Gene Kennedy care of director@hammermuseum.org