Get Hammered


Explore the world’s first museum dedicated to preserving the history of the hammer. First opened to the public in 2002, the Hammer Museum portrays the complex history of the ordinary tool, making it one of Haines, Alaska's top tourist destinations. With over 2,000 artifacts on display, and roughly 8,000 more in storage, the Hammer Museum presents the worlds largest hammer collection.
The Museum's 4 rooms takes you on a walk through history. From the rock hammers that crafted the Pyramid of Menkaure, to intricate Native American and Native Alaskan tools that built America, and carved the way to modern tool making. Shoe making, railroad engineering, candy smashing and crab opening. Two inches to twenty feet. The Hammer Museum is a uniqueness of its own.

What are the visitors saying?

Stop! It's Hammer Museum Time.

-- Tom, Edmonton, AB

More hammers than I ever did see!

-- Aaron, Gary, IN

Best Hammer Museum so far!

-- Brad & Darsy, Portland, OR

I want one at home, what a hoot!

-- Rese, Ventura, CA

This is my favorite museum ever!

-- Drew & Sandra, Anchorage, AK

Beautiful and fascinating!

-- Camille, 2016

Never seen so many hammer before!

-- Phyllis & Dorothy, Victoria, B.C.

I love this small 'odd' museum

-- Nina, Florida

Fantastic, thanks! It made our hearts pound!

-- Jim & Judy, Juneau, AK

Good hammers, good humor, great holiday!

-- Ben & Bev, 2015

You have to see it to believe it!

-- Norm & Leslie, Florida

Highlight of Haines!

-- Steve, Yucatan, Mexico

This is the most exhilarating hammer experience we have ever come across.  We will be dreaming of hammers for years to come...

-- Fiona & Sam, London, UK

We waited months to see it and it was great!

-- Susan & Carl, Connecticut

We came all the way from Australia just to see these hammers.  This is our 3rd visit.  We plan to come back.

-- Peter & Tricia, Victoria, Australia

Love it.  Love it!!!

-- Andrea, California

Great - one of a kind.

-- Mike & Helen, Connecticut

We've seen a lot of museums but this is one of the best!

-- Marc & Nancy, Idaho

Great Collection!

-- Allison, British Columbia, Canada

I have a new found appreciation for hammers.

-- Matt, Illinois

My 4th visit - it just keeps getting better.

-- Bob, Washington

Never seen anything like it! Great!

-- Savannah, West Virginia

I never knew I was so enthralled by hammers until today. Awesome.

-- Meagan, Northwest Territories, Canada

I could have spent all day in the Hammer Musuem.

-- Dana Stabenow, Alaskan Writer

The world famous Hammer Museum is not to be missed.

-- Captain Albert's Blog, Holland America Cruise Lines

If you've seen one, I guarantee you haven't seen them all!

-- Michelle, 2013 Intern, Wisconsin

Since its inception two years ago, the Hammer Museum has been one of the most popular attractions in Haines.  It is not only a unique glimpse into the world of a collector, it also serves as a chronology of life and livelihood that would otherwise be lost....An authentic experience for visitors and a source of pride for locals.

-- Michelle Glass, 2004, Haines Tourism Director