Visitors love us!

— Steve, Yucatan, Mexico

Highlight of Haines!

— Brad & Darsy, Portland, OR

Best Hammer Museum so far!

— Nina, Florida

I love this small 'odd' museum

— Jim & Judy, Juneau, AK

Fantastic, thanks! It made our hearts pound!

— Mike & Helen, Connecticut

Great - one of a kind.

— Susan & Carl, Connecticut

We waited months to see it and it was great!

— Andrea, California

Love it.  Love it!!!

— Ben & Bev, 2015

Good hammers, good humor, great holiday!

— Camille, 2016

Beautiful and fascinating!

— Michelle, 2013 Intern, Wisconsin

If you've seen one, I guarantee you haven't seen them all!

— Bob, Washington

My 4th visit - it just keeps getting better.

— Peter & Tricia, Victoria, Australia

We came all the way from Australia just to see these hammers.  This is our 3rd visit.  We plan to come back.