Coors Ceramic Hammer

The same Coors family who created the popular Coors beer also developed the Coors Porcelain Company in the early twentieth century. With the onset of World War I and the embargo on German imports, the Coors family saw an opening in the market for American made porcelain products, and so they opened their company in 1920. In 1986 the Coors Porcelain Company changed its name to the Coors Ceramics Company to better represent the type of products they were producing, since they were primarily producing ceramic products by this time.

The Coors Ceramics Company developed these ceramic hammers to show off the quality and strength of their ceramics. Although these hammers were never sold to customers, top salesmen would bring the hammers to show important clients. This was an effective method as clients were always impressed when the hammer did not break, even when pounding in a nail.

A member of the team that invented this hammer said:

I tested it on everything that [I] could think of and found it to never break.”